First Iranian Monster Truck

Know more about this monster truck which is called Hulk:
Making this vehicle has been finished for an amount receiving to Rls. 6,000,000,000/-.
The designer and the producer of this monster truck is Mr. ARASH BARIKANI.
The vehicle has the Pagoda Body and the other parts of the vehicle are hand-made and the
entire ideas for making that are Iranian ideas, moreover, most of the parts has been made
upon the innovation of Mr. ARASH BARIKANI, and no governmental and organizational
support are received by this vehicle, many of the appliances such as the tires are
transferred to Iran in hard circumstances as well as the special conditions and this materials
don’t have any Iranian one in the country. Making this vehicle tills for a period of 4 years,
considering the high economical costs, the sponsor was required at the final stages. This
vehicle has been supported by TNT Energy Drink Company.
The Dimensions of this Vehicle:
The height of this vehicle from the ground to the top is between 345 and 405 Cm that this
limits is because of the hydraulics height adjustment which has been made by the designer.
The pedal is 165 Cm upper than the ground which shall be received to 230 Cm after
changing the height, the pedal which has been designed for this vehicle opens like an arm
to the ground in order to make the easier way for getting on.
This type of vehicles mades in 2 classes in the world (in other countries, the prepared
appliances will be installed on the vehicle, but this monster truck which has been made in
Iran are completely hand-made and is the production of an Iranian person.)
Class 1: Is the matches for passing through a mud pond, if we want to made this vehicle in
Iran, an amount of more than Rls. 40,000,000,000/- shall be required.
Class 2: Is the beautifully matches and acquiring votes by the audiences which will be hold
in a straight way, after passing through this way, the votes will be calculated and the winner
shall be introduced.
Pay attention that none of these 2 classes are executable in Iran and has not been
hold till now.