Abbreviate, we can explain the tuning of the vehicle as improving the
technical and facial specifications of the one.
In fact, when we talk about the vehicle tuning, the main aim is facial
changing, engine improving and technical specifications or making
important changes in other parts of the vehicle. In a way that at the end of
the performance, the mentioned vehicle shall be changed to a new vehicle.
The tuning history can be searched in the middle 20th century.
Maybe we can claim that the base and principle of one vehicle tuning is to
reach the highest technical efficiency or approaching the highest level of
beauty and charm. Generally, one vehicle tuning can include multiple
subjects as increasing engine power through changing that, increasing
brakes powers, movement or changing the different parts of the vehicle and
making important changes in the vehicle’s internal side, external side and
While making a different facial for the vehicle, increasing its race and
power. In fact, the mentioned specifications cause to that, one tuned
vehicle can be different and separated of the similar vehicles as well as
those which are in the same rank.
If we want to discuss about increasing of improvement of the specifications
of one vehicle in regard to the facial specifications, it should be noted that:
Ordinarily, the vehicle tuning shall be effective on some specifications
including aerodynamics specifications and type of designing the
passengers as well as front and back shields of the spoilers, air vents and
the rings of the vehicle and generally make different changes on them. In
this matter, increasing engine power amount shall be one of the aspects
that can be done in tuning operations which has many fans among the
people who like the vehicles.
In fact, whenever the shock absorbers of the car designed too much
stronger, the vehicle dynamics weight shall be lower, and this act can show
its positive aspects in vehicle suspension system. On the other hand,
designing shortly the shock absorbers shall result to more hardness of the
vehicle suspension system. This is an important note that shall be
considered by the active people in tuning subject.

Generally, we can mention that, currently the four-wheel cycles tuning
discussion appear more wider than before and includes the different parts
of the vehicle. Moreover, many of the people who like the vehicles prefer to
make their vehicle similar to match cars whether in attractive facial
specifications or having inner features and powerful technical
Making and preparing  the off-road vehicles is one of the acts of Dream
Land Complex which has experiences for making many types of vehicles
for a period of 8 years and considering the different ideas for making the
vehicles, around 40 cars in different fields of sport are made by Mr.
ARASH BARIKANI, including off-road, drift and drag cars. Each of the cars
prepared due to the custom require and each of the make differently,
having new facing and has personal name and sticker.
Maybe you rarely see one car which is so powerful in regard to watch, but
the cars which are tuned are more attractive for the public. We can put the
photos of some of these cars in this album in order to be more familiar with
the preparation and construction in Dream Land. For more information
about the prices, please refer to the stipulated number and contact us

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