Dreamland Off-Road Company has started its official activity in the fields such as holding the Off-road and camping tour, making the Off-road machines, drift and drag. This company is currently active in the field of holding the private trips, attractive and large events, wedding ceremonies in special places, exciting entertainment, making the professional promotional teasers, photography of unique subjects in different parts of Iran.
The purpose of the holding the Off-road tours is to create a safe and secure environment for the presence of families and young couples, and even women traveling alone, along with the high quality of welfare and recreation, a warm and intimate environment for communicating with all travelers to make a good memory of the trip.
According to the season, the trip to special points in Iran is scheduled and announced as an annual table. The company management is Mr. Arash Barikani. He graduates in pilot filed with ppl and cpl degrees, and has been active in various sports fields, including heavy engine, Off-road, Race and so for about 11 years. He has been around eleven years in various sports fields, including Heavy Duty, Aphrodite and Race
experience of management trips to the whole country, and of course having experienced personnel in all activities of the group, including driving and survival in nature, providing well-being and catering services with a high level of quality, has been able to attract foreign and domestic travelers, and facilitate the visit of the unique nature of this land for lovers of this style of trip. Of course, I can safely say that we are only group in Iran who hold special tours with special recreational facilities in family and security, professionally and in accordance with safety and quality standards and with well-informed and sympathetic personnel. It’s interesting to know that 70% of our travelers are women. I hope you will be together with the Dreamland wonderful moments.

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