Holding Special Wedding Parties

Holding Wedding Party in one Place, Selected by the Customer, Including:
In a Desert, Jungle, Beach
Experience a special party along with a memorable trip, a different action that will give a
new meaning to your common life.
These special parties has been usual for several years, even there are some tourists from
different countries who are the audiences of these luxury parties.
Nowadays that holding such the parties is possible in Iran, why we do not take advantages
of our beautiful country?
The price of the wedding packages usually are different, due to the Atelier’s Credit,
Personnel, Services and the contents of each package, and in pricing the packages, what
which is important for us is covering all the budgets subject to regarding the qualification.
Talking about qualification, we do not mean high resolution, for us the qualification includes
the Entire Contents for Holding Parties, Make up, Style, Light Adjustment, Composition,
Background, Printing, Album and Costumer Responding… that the entire should be at a
level of quality which converts our albums from one package of photos to a beautiful and
lasting artworks.
You and at most 80 guests can take advantage of one dreaming campus, Catering and
Variety Dinner, Dj and Live Music, Photographing as well as Different and Charming Clips.
For informing the precise conditions, please call the informed phone numbers.