Zipper line, moreover being a fun is a sport which has been designed in a special manner in
order to enhance physical straight while entertainment.
For moving in the zipper lines you should slip on a metal cable or slack line belt from the
beginning to the end of the line and putting the special trolls on the way of the cable, while
you closed a powerful rope and are dancing on it, passing though the beautiful roads in the
jungle, you will remember the pleasure of one memorable flight.
The Dream Land Group has the first movable zipper line in Iran which are the most secured
available zipper line, because of the high cost. The zipper lines are used in the Off-road
Tours of Dream Land, if you are interested to use this charming fun join our tourism group in
one of the trips.
One of the other available entertainments in Dream Land tours is the hand-made Sled
which passes through the desert.
Forgetting the entertainments, this part’s name is the Exclusives of Dream Land, why this
name has been chosen?
We try to innovate in Dreamland.
For example, toilet was a big problem for our passengers which has been resolved by
making a toilet with the faucet and sink with the faucet and or cooking the foods in an oven
which are completely hand-made, the entire ideas for making and innovating are made by
the esteemed manager, Mr. ARASH BARIKANI, his efforts are making comfortable
atmosphere in the tours. It should be mentioned that in the entire sectors, the persons are
participated, who try for being different, the out of date ideas are not valuable in Dream
Land, so we are always interesting.
Making the different machines with different occupations are also one of these inventions,
for example a specialized machine for the kitchen, Dj or for bathroom… because these
machines have these facilities, the campus trips are hold with many people and their fully
consent. See all these exaggerate and interesting things in Dream Land.

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